Nugget Rib Cook Off 2016

Hello, dear readers. What did you do for Labor Day weekend this year? We consumed mass quantities of ribs, like we always do!

We split up the rib-snarfing over two evenings.

I was keen to go Friday night because of the live band. It was Vertical Horizon! The kids hung with a grandparents so hubby and I could cavort in public with other grown ups.

We enjoyed a few cold ones with the music, some food like these piles of fried potatoes, and meandered through the market.

We ate a few rib samplers, fried pickles, and funnel cake, but we didn't actually get any alligator. You know that stuff isn't native around here.

The next day, we came back with kids and one grandma. We did the Rib Village. Baby N was not patient. She was starved and devoured applesauce and ice cream after sampling some ribs too.

We did some shopping in the market stalls. It was perfect weather.

We walked our behinds off. Thank goodness for the bus ride back to the parking lot in the evening!

Now for the important part.  The winners! Did we agree? Mostly yes (because somehow we missed Montana BBQ). The Rasta Joe ribs were very tender, so good call, Judges.

And the winners of the 2016 year's cook off are...

  1. 1st – Rasta Joe’s BBQ
  2. 2nd – Bone Daddy’s BBQ
  3. 3rd – Texas Thunder BBQ
  4. 4th – Montana BBQ
  5. 5th – Texas Outlaw BBQ
  6. Best Sauce – Checkered Pig BBQ
  7. People’s Choice – Montana BBQ

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!


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