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Steamed Artichokes

The other day, I ran to the store for something for dinner. I had an idea, but the summer squash was all a little bit soggy. A few steps away, I spotted a small display of artichokes.  The last ones I bought were marketed as "frost kissed" and they were not the best I've ever had. Thankfully, these were quite tasty.  They were also on the small side, so that made it easier to keep from getting too full from wolfing down just artichoke.  We still had room for other food. I choose smaller artichokes that looked a bit more tightly closed at the top. I have found that larger, more open artichokes are tougher and take longer to cook. Sometimes larger ones taste a bit more acidic. A good artichoke has a wonderful complex flavor that is green, fresh, and sometimes a hint of sweetness comes through. I like to dip mine in a bit of regular mayonnaise. You could also mix equal parts ketchup and mayo, or try an infused olive oil. Ingredients a few small artichokes, 1 per pers