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Matcha Green Tea Latte Like Starbucks

I frequently go to Starbucks, not for coffee, but for their tea lattes. After much searching and testing, I have found an excellent clone that is super easy to make at home.

First, you need Matcha. This is green tea powder that looks a lot like vibrant green cocoa powder. I have trouble finding this at local stores, so I ordered some off the internet. Second, you need milk or a milk-substitute. Third, and this is the trick to duplicate a Starbucks latte, is vanilla syrup. It's pretty easy to find this nowadays on the coffee aisle. I like Da Vinci syrups.

Easy, huh?

I like to add a little extra sugar to mine, usually a teaspoon of turbinado sugar is enough.

Try it!

2 teaspoons Matcha powder (you can halve this if you like it milder)
4 cups milk or milk-substitute
4 Tablespoons Vanilla Syrup
sugar, to taste

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