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Lactation Support

Hello, dear readers! I've survived the rush of birthday season and now we can resume our regular, hectic schedule. That's good news for you because I have some great posts waiting to be shared with you! I have  jewelry boxes, a new box from Influenster to review, a couple awesome recipes, and then this post. Today's post is something near and dear to my heart. That's breastfeeding. Mom's can never get too much support, if you asked me. I have successfully breastfed my three kiddos.  I worked full time and pumped two or three times a day for the first year of each child's life. Once I got the OK from the pediatrician, I introduced cow's milk and gradually reduced pumping at work to a stop. But I still had a great milk supply. I know, I know. Lucky me! My oldest had a huge appetite and even with my great milk supply, using supplements and galactogogue foods, I still had to supplement with formula.  He weaned just before he turned two because my sup