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French Fingerling Potatoes

I don't have a great story about how I started making these potatoes. Usually, I have some story to tell about my food and how it came to be part of my tattered cookbook.  Actually, there is a little bit of story behind these here potatoes.  I went to the store one day before picking up the kids from daycare.  I saw this package of multi-variety tiny potatoes. They were cute. And they called to me.  They said, "Jenny, buy us and make something delicious! Please!" So I did. And I did.  Bought them, and cooked them, I mean. I even used curly parsley from the garden.  That parsley plant happens to be the one that Eric picked out and planted last summer all by himself. He's usually not too keen on green vegetables, but once I pointed out is was his parsley, well that made a world of difference. One note on parsley. I normally buy flat-leaf Italian parsley. I think it has a slightly better flavor and it's easier to chop the flat leaves.  If you