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Justin's Vinaigrette Green Beans

Doesn't that sound fancy? Vinaigrette beans.  They sound like more work than they really are. They are easy, so easy. Especially if you use canned beans. Hold on, you say? Canned green beans are what? Not your favorite veggies? (*GASP*) You can make these with fresh green beans, frozen green beans, or beans in a can. However, if you want to stay true to Justin's camp-food tradition, they have to be cut green beans in a can. These do originate from Justin's camping vittles repertoire, so don't expect gourmet cooking out in the sagebrush. We like them both at home and camping. Since I don't get out camping much, the only chance I eat these is at home. Now, if you want to elevate them to something gourmet, use fresh beans and steam them. You could even add some chopped fresh herbs if you had some laying around, say from the garden. Let's stay super simple today. Get out a microwaveable dish (I used my Pampered Chef Micro-Cooker). Bust out the EVOO and vin