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Fried Eggs on Toast, Justin Style

Some days, you just can't beat the tasty simplicity of eggs. I like Eggs Benedict quite a lot, but I rarely take the time to make hollandaise sauce. I also rarely remember to buy English muffins.  Now, regular sliced bread is a staple so dropping a few slices in the toaster is a no-brainer. It only takes a couple minutes to fry two eggs and viola, you got something to eat. My hubby actually loves fried eggs over medium.  My instructions below will yield eggs over medium.  If you want runnier eggs, cook them about 10 seconds less.  If you like them firm (think Egg McMuffin firm) it takes about 45 seconds. Eggs cook pretty fast, so there is a very small window between just right and cooked too much. One more thing, you can really use any frying pan you are comfortanble with, however, I always use a non-stick pan.  I know uncoated pans work, but I have never had success with one. Probably because it takes a huge puddle of fat to keeps the eggs from sticking and then the whites ge