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Thai Cucumber Salad

I have not always like cucumbers. It was one of those foods that I looked at with a touch of disgust as a child. It wasn't until I was grown and on my own that I realized I had misjudged the lowly cucumber. Once I started liking cukes in salads dunked in ranch, I tried my mom's German-style Cucumbers in Cream . Then after I ventured into the realm of eating Thai food, I realized this stuff is pretty good! My favorite Thai restaurant serves their cucumber salad as a side to their appetizer chicken satay. Once I fell in love with that combination, I had to try making it at home. Ingredients 1 English seedless cucumber, peeled and sliced into rounds 1/2  a small red onion , sliced into slivers 1 carrot , peeled and sliced into matchsticks 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar 1 Tablespoon white granulated sugar 1 Tablepoon some variety of "light" oil, I use canola salt to taste Method 1. Mix together rice wine vinegar, sugar and oil in a mixing bowl. 2. Combine

Garlic Bread (with or without Cheese)

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was pretty uneducated in the kitchen. It was with great pride that I figured out how to make my own flavored butters to put on foods that then were cooked in the oven. Now, thinking back, I used to eat a lot of salmon with pesto butter. Then I got damn sick and tired of salmon. Because, I think I had too much of a good thing. To this day, I'm still ho-hum about eating salmon unless it's in a sushi roll with jalapeno pepper and deep fried. But I digress. Back to flavored butter.  Flavored butter sounds hard, but it's really one easy way to add flavor and buttery goodness to food.  Garlic bread has to be one of the easiest examples.  You make up the butter, add bread, cook it. Voila.  You could make a larger batch of flavored butter and keep it in the freezer. Just bring up to room temperature before use.  If you try to keep in in the fridge, it won't have a long storage life.  It will only be good for a few days since the added