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Gordita-style Tortillas

You all know how much I like Mexican food, right? My dear friend Kelly showed me a few things. See, she married a fellow from El Salvador. The cuisine there is slightly different from what we know as Mexican food. It's good stuff. I have not made thick tortillas like her in ages. She showed me how to make thick corn tortillas. For a while I made them all the time. Then, for some reason, I stopped. I guess we got tired of them. It took me a while to actually get around to making tortillas. Things kept coming up. I'd run out of time. I'd forget. I'd make something else completely different for dinner. Then, I finally just broke down and did it. This time, I made them with just flour, not with masa harina. Let me just say one thing about these homemade tortillas. They won't be as thin as store-bought ones. Store-bought tortillas are usually loaded with nasty preservatives to keep them pliable and free of mold, as well as chemical compounds to enhance the textu