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Jenny’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I love sweets. The past few days, all I’ve been able to think about is eating. I finally figured out why I’m having cravings. Hormones getting back on track and all that. No I’m not pregnant again. Positively not pregnant, things are just getting back to normal. I have been raiding the pantry wishing we had cookies, staring into the freezer wondering where the chocolate Breyer’s ice cream went, gazing into the liquor cabinet thinking of whipping up a special hot chocolate. You know those days. I guess after a good day of wishing for cookies, I broke down and made some. I don’t know why I resisted so much. Maybe it had something to do with feeling fat and frumpy and trying to be good. My mission Get Skinny is coming along much more slowly than I would like. But I’ve had many setbacks, namely all the yummy donuts and cookies that are so hard to resist. I have very low resistance when it comes to chocolate chip cookies. I can inhale a half dozen off the cooling rack before I