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Asparagus Salad

It's springtime where I live.  That means it's getting to be asparagus season. I love asparagus! Apparently, I'm the odd one in my house.  Dear hubby isn't fond of it, which is strange because he grew up in family that loves all things wild. I know his parents used to hunt, fish, camp, and pick wild watercress and asparagus to go with their catch du jour. The kiddos, well picky little kids can be pretty hesitant to eat anything green.  My son is just finally starting to eat green peas. He likes broccoli, so I've been nagging him to eat "dragon grass" for about two years. I started calling it Dragon grass because he loves dragons and calling anything "dragon" makes it sound cool. Green tea? Not cool. Dragon tea? Cool.  (Because Celestial Seasoning's Authentic Green Tea has a dragon on the box.) Asparagus? Not cool. Dragon grass? Cool. (Are you familiar with Dragon Tales? Kids wishing themselves into a dragon universe? Jumbo-sized flowe