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Birthday Planning

Eric will be turning 4 this year. His birthday is 2.5 months away. I'm starting to plan his party and food. About two days ago, I asked what he wanted to do for his party. He wants to go to the bounce house place, have a Spiderman cake, and pizza. Dude knows what he wants. I occasionally check out Bakerella, but usually don't make anything. But I have this crazy idea to try making Spiderman cake pops. Can't you see them now? Little Spiderman heads on sticks? I wonder how they would turn out? I made a little doodle and scanned it. Then I realized it sucked once I looked at the scan. So I tried to colorize it in my very decrepit, obsolete version of Photoshop. It looked more like crap than before. So here it is, in all it's blurry glory. This puts my little original, shaded doodle to shame.

Pork Enchiladas with Green Chile Sauce

I know I mentioned enchiladas not too long ago in my post on Hawaiian Pork Roast , and even gave a rough listing of what goes in them. But, to save questions, I made them, documented it all, and decided to post it. I love Mexican food. Maybe you guessed so? This is going to sound silly, but it took me along time to figure out how to make them so we like them. Sure, Justin and I have eaten our fair share at various restaurants, but I never bothered to make them until maybe 5 years ago. I started out playing around with beef and red chile sauce, then chicken and pork, once I even used elk meat. Then I changed up the sauce from red to green, and I have even changed out the tortillas, corn for flour. Then I changed back and forth. Added something, took it out the next time. My recipes are always changing to accommodate something that catches our attention. Ingredients 2 cups shredded pork from the Hawaiian Pork Roast 8 flour tortillas, medium size 1 14 oz. can green chile enchi