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Lemon Bread (Lemon Loaf Cake)

Starbucks. I have mixed feelings about them. Sometimes they are good, sometimes really good, then occasionally they are so-so. It depends on your barrista and how fresh the baked goods are. Since all Starbucks bakery goods here are shipped from Southern California, the freshness can really vary. There was a stretch over summertime that I craved their lemon loaf and the closest cafĂ© was always out. Then one day they weren’t out, but it was kinda stale. After much recipe research, I have hit upon one good enough to share. I have tweaked it a bit. I added lemon zest to mine. I was also concerned about how much the center would fall. Being at “High altitude” of 4400 feet above sea level, things usually cave in the middle unless you adjust things. This one still caved a little, but not as much as usual. It was still a hit for Sunday breakfast with both Justin and Eric. I overmixed it a bit so the texture was more like my Madeleines and the flavor of fresh eggs was noticeable. The icin