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Chicken Chorizo and Rice Bake

Hello dear readers.  It's officially Fall!  It's casserole and soup season!  You have no idea how happy I am for the cooler weather. Being pregnant during the summer was not so fun. I had no appetite and I was not interested in cooking anything in the oven that would make the house hotter than it already was.  I think we'll get the AC serviced in the springtime because it's just not cooling anymore. Anyhow, FOOD! I've been hungry for something different than our standard, go-to meals.  I had to think back to the old days growing up and what kinds of interesting things we found at church pot-lucks. That brings me to home-cooked Basque food. I perused my old community cookbooks and got some ideas. I perused the Internet for more ideas.  Food started flying into the pot on the stove. And then bingo! Basque chicken and rice was served. Basically it all started because we took a short road trip back the old hometown to visit Grandma Rose so she could meet the b

Your Bijoux Box October 2015

Hello again! The latest mystery box of jewelry arrived and it's another good one.  The October box features amethyst! The card says the YBB has sourced more fair-trade goodies with 18k gold plated over brass.  Sounds good, doesn't it? First, the wrapped amethyst necklace is lovely. The amethyst chunk has a piece of wire that wraps around and through it.  There is a chain tassel at the bottom. I really like this one. The coordinating wrapped amethyst ring is huge. The stone really stands out. The chain loop earrings have purple Czech crystals in the settings. They are a great shade of purple. Finally, I took advantage of the monthly add-on sale and picked out these golden pave drop earrings. I think they match the pave drop bar necklace really well from February's box earlier this year. So there you have it. My jewelry box is overflowing with stuff, good stuff. Thanks for stopping by and see you again very soon! P.S. For the sake of tr