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Broccoli Beef

There is something about Chinese food that has always held a sort of fascination for me. The ingredients are so simple, but sometimes it amazes me that such simple combinations can be so delicious and taste so complex. I think the nature of Chinese food has always been something regionally adaptable, simple, using a combination of fresh vegetables and a small amount of meat, to make a really satisfying meal.  My earliest memories of eating at a Chinese restaurant are of a little place back in Woodward, OK.  Of course, my favorite was Broccoli Beef and lots of steamed rice doused in soy sauce. Tonight, I made this for my family.  It has been quite a while since I've made Chinese at home.  There are so many take-outs nearby, and the convenience of eating there over at home, has really put my recipes for similar foods in the back of the cookbook. Dear hubby Justin took a bite tonight and asked me where I hid the takeout box. He said it was great.  Even my picky 4-year old son

Banana Fritters

I have never been a die-hard banana lover. My attitude used to be "take them or leave them" but since having children, my taste for them has changed. For anyone who has not experienced pregnancy, there is really no way to describe the ways it can change you. It's more than just physically carrying a baby. Your senses change. The baby has a strange way of letting you know what he or she wants or needs through cravings. Oddly enough, some of these changes don't go away. Both kids love bananas and I think it has permanently changed me. For example, I now really like banana desserts with cooked bananas. I'm still so-so with eating a banana from the peel, but something warm and sweet gets my attention. Also, I used to like donuts a little bit. Now I can mow down donut after donut (which is not so good for my mommy pooch). A few nights ago I was inspired. What could I make with some ripe bananas? I thought about how I could fry them. In an eggroll wrapper? Maybe.