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Grilled Beef Tri-Tip

I haven't been cooking very much lately.  I want to, but things come up.  It's summertime.  There are yard projects to do and after work is the perfect time. The heat isn't so stifling, the breeze comes up, the kids play on the playground , and we can actually get things done.  In honor of summertime, we have been regularly grilling.  Lots of grilling, and it's mostly beef. Tri-tip is one of those cuts of beef that you have to have a knack for cooking.  There are certain cuts of beef that you can just toss on the grill and they are always fine.  Tri-tip needs a bit of finesse to really turn out well. You can season it with pretty much anything, but it's the grill technique that will make a difference. You really have to grill over medium-hot coals or fire.  If the heat is too low, the meat dries out and gets tough. If it's too hot, the outside gets charred and the inside stays raw.  We have found if you aim for medium done, then it stays moist and tender.