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Vanilla Sugar Two Ways

Wow, middle of January already.  The holiday season sure zoomed by.  And amazingly, I didn't do all that much cooking.  I still haven't really settled back into it either. We (hubby, kiddos, and pets) left town for a few days and spent Christmas in oh-so-exotic and (not) tropical Winnemucca.  We split up the trip between my parents and Justin's Grandma Rose's houses. Being guests meant that we could kick back and let Mom and Rose take charge of the food.  It's a good thing too. I was getting pretty side-tracked trying to buy and wrap presents. Then the New Year came and went.  Justin and I had a very swank night out at the Nugget, while his mom watched the kids. Last weekend, we went to San Francisco for the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl and rooted for our alma mater, Nevada.  (Woo Nevada won!) This was another fine chance to be a guest and enjoy Justin's mom and brother doing the cooking. And now here I am, home with nothing stopping me. Well. I did have a huge