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Fudgy Brownies

I have been making thse brownies for years.  I stopped making them for a while, going for the convenience of box mix brownies.  But there is something about brownies from scratch that you can't get from a box. For one thing, they aren't loaded with preservatives so they taste really buttery and fresh. I like that. Everyone should like that. The edges are particularly yummy because they are crisp. I like how the edges creep up and fold in as they begin to cook. If you look in the oven as these cook, the middle stays really wet until the very last 5 minutes. And you have to watch it so the middle is done without letting it get overcooked and dry. For a little history on these brownies, I was probably in junior high when I started making these.  Yes, I have been in the kitchen since a very young age thanks to my mom and her watchful eye. I discovered that these super dense, rich brownies turn out well when baked in a round cake pan.  To make these really fancy looking, tip th