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Sweet Dessert Crepes

My dear readers, you may have noticed a gap in posts lately.  Yes, it's true. I have been away from the kitchen, or hurriedly making super-easy repeats of things already posted here, or just plain old going out to eat. We also managed to sneak in a week-long vacation to Los Angeles.  It was crazy! I have only been there once before, back in 1997. Things were very different this time.  We ate at the evil Golden Arches restaurant too many times out of convenience's sake, and tried a few local diners.  One night Justin's sister provided sandwich-makings for a picnic in the park down from the hotel. Another night, we had a good-sized family dinner where Justin fixed Garlic Filet on the grill and his sister and friends made various side dishes.  Theresa made deviled eggs with minced olives mixed  inside.  Andrea made a very tasty tomato-mozzarella caprese. Christina made guacamole. It was nice for me to able to just relax and not be the cook for once. After we got back home