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Best in the West Rib Cook-off 2014

Hello readers! I've been slow to post this, mainly because I forgot to hit post!  Silly me! So let's take a look back at the 2014 Best in the West Rib Cook-off.  It was in the typical location along Victorian Square between the Nugget hotel and the Sparks Century 14 Theater.  In recent years, many of the older building were demolished and turned into a vast parking lot. This comes in very handy for events like this. There were rib booths spread out more toward the theater. Normally they are crowded together all down Victorian Avenue, and the lines of people waiting for food can get very long. It can be hard to even walk. I liked that the booths were further apart. We tried a few places that we didn't recognize. Everything was hot and fresh off the grill.Yum! In my opinion, that is the best way to eat ribs. We didn't get tickets to the Rib Village this time. No, we took our time meandering through the vendors on foot and stopping at places t