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Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Oh dear. I just realized I apparently have a tremendous love for potatoes and garlic. Funny. That sure sneaked up on me. See, I never used to eat that much garlic.  I guess you can blame credit my dear hubby for being the garlic-aholic he is.  I started eating more garlic so I wouldn't be so scorched by his garlic breath (sorry dear!). You know, I thought if I had garlic breath, then I wouldn't notice his garlic breath, like they would cancel each other out. Then that idea backfired on me because he just kept asking for more, more, more. Shoot. Garlic is really pretty tasty when you use it right. I even like roasted garlic on bread with butter. Just be careful about breathing on people. Watch out for that look they get. You know the one, the watery eyes, and sometimes they get a little blue from holding their breath. Anyhow, dear hubby usually orders garlic mashed potatoes when we go out for steaks. He's not the baked potato lover like me. I decided to spruce up s