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Chai Latte Bubble Tea

My first experience with bubble tea was a few years ago in San Francisco. I was curious about it.  Gummy balls mixed with tea? It is not for everyone.  My first taste was loaded with anticipation. The tea was good and then I'd slurp up a ball. The balls in bubble tea are tapioca, so it's nothing truly exotic or gross. The balls are basically flavorless, so sipping the tea and chewing was novel.  Justin and his brother had fun shooting them at each other and nearby things. Bubble tea sometimes goes by other names like tapioca pearl tea or boba tea. I found some tiny tapioca pearls at the market on Oddie when I last went to buy glutinous rice.  They were so cute! You can also make juice drinks or plain teas with these tapioca balls.  Eric loved them, so I may end up sneaking them into soup just to get him interested in soup (I'm kidding. Sort of. He really doesn't like soup. Weird kid? Probably.) There happens to be a pho noodle restaurant close to my house that ser