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Jenny's Eggy Potato Salad

Everyone has their own, special way of making potato salad so there are thousands upon thousands of variations. If you are used to pre-made, deli potato salad loaded with yellow mustard, this is far different.    Let me start by saying, I really dislike yellow mustard. I can't stand it. I will not eat a hamburger that has even accidentally had some wiped on it. So imagine how much I don't like to eat the average mustardy potato salad. Now on the other hand, I do like Dijon mustard and some of the more rustic, full grain mustards, and even dry mustard powder. I'm weird. I know. This recipe has a bit of dry mustard powder in it so it's not completely bland. I would consider it to be a happy combination of mild deviled egginess and potato. I have taken this to various pot-lucks and had a number of people love it and ask for the recipe. Ingredients 3 lbs potatoes, medium size, of a waxy variety 1 Tablespoon salt water 2 eggs, beaten 2/3 cup sugar 1/