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Pork Chops with Apple Kraut

Last week, my dear hubby Justin went hunting.  He left me and the kids at home. I was OK with that. I'm not much for outdoorsy activities. I'm sort of like a fish out of water when it comes to camping and hunting. I also really like the convenience of running water and electricity.  There seems to be a shortage of both when using a tent in the wilderness. I might be OK a couple days, but then...I miss all the conveniences of home. And I get a bit stir crazy. My folks came up for the weekend to help and keep me company.  It was nice to have the extra hands. Mom and I cooked up a storm. Pecan bars, goulash, muffins, and kraut chops. Mm. I rarely get to eat anything with kraut because hubby doesn't like it. And if he won't eat it, no sense in making a whole batch of this for just me. Right? Anyhow, we made this in an electric skillet. You can make this on the stove. Just make sure you have a really big skillet that can hold everything. I know, electric skillets

Mom's Dumplings

As I was preparing this post I realized something. It has been ages since I've made dumplings!  Honest to goodness dumplings are so tasty on top of a pot of chicken soup, deer stew , or beef barley soup. These were nice and puffy. The last time I made dumplings, I tried a German potato dumpling that didn't turn out well. They kept shrinking and dissolving as I cooked them instead of setting up. They were pretty gummy and nasty and made the soup cloudy. I think perhaps something was lost in translation. This time, my folks were in town so I snagged Mom's trusted recipe. (Thanks Mom!) I think I have my own. Somewhere. At least, I used to have my own dumpling recipe. I'm good at losing recipes. I have tons of cookbooks, tons of recipe notecards, so things get mixed up and "lost" easily.  That is really why I started posting recipes on the internet so many years ago. It was an attempt to keep my favorite recipes somewhere accessible all the time. If I travel,