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Pecan Pie

We went to a Kentucky Derby party this year. It was hosted by the Junior League of Reno and held at the Hidden Valley Country Club. They had fun day set up with pictures with a horse, a silent auction, a hat contest, free-flowing mint juleps, and a modest buffet.  The buffet was fun because they had a build-your-own mac & cheese section. Choose your noodles, choose your sauce and toppings, and devour. Foodwise, my favorite thing they served was the amazing miniature pecan pies.  The bourbon balls were good, too but the pie was so good. I have been thinking of that pie for the last month and a half. So when that happens, I have to make some at home to quench the craving. This pie was sweet but not toothache sweet. A scoop of ice cream was really good with it. Honestly, what kind of pie is not good with ice cream? Right? Look at the yumminess of the sliced pie. Crisp nutty top, smooth, gooey center, and flaky crust...I think I should make another one. Ingredients 1 u