Sneaky Tip #10 - Removing Gum or Sticker Residue from Clothes

 My kids love stickers. They plaster them everywhere and I really mean everywhere.They put stickers on the furniture, on the play kitchen, on the real fridge, on the doors, on the windows inside the car, and on themselves including their clothes.

Well, sometimes I forget to check pants pockets for toys and money and shirts for stickers. Eric had a huge sticker on one of his shirts and it went through the drier.  I was folding clothes and noticed a big white sticky patch, front and center.


Scrubbing and washing with a regular stain remover won't cut the gunk. Instead, get a spoonful of peanut butter, or soy butter if you don't do peanuts.

Rub the PB into the gunk.  Use the spoon or a butter knife to scrape and rub the sticker residue off. Keep working the PB over and into the residue until the gunk just lets go. It should only take a minute.

Use a little squirt of dish soap like Dawn to break down the PB on the shirt. Rub it in good and rinse it off, then launder as usual.

This also worked on my daughter's favorite zebra stripe velvet dress that got gum on it. It was a bit more work than the sticker residue to get out, but I got it out.

The PB also worked on the gum that was stuck in her hair. It took some massage and careful strand separation with a comb, but it also conditioned her hair. (She did get a bath right afterwards so there was no PB residue throughout the house!)  And after that disaster, I decided No More Gum for Haley!


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