Salted Caramel Budino

This weekend, I was hungry for something sweet. Not too long ago, we had dinner at Campo which was finished off by their dessert sampler. We got a tiny Mason jar of panna cotta topped with berries, a tiny slice of chocolate cheesecake, and another tiny Mason jar of salted caramel budino.

I have been thinking of the panna cotta and budino ever since.  Budino is Italian for pudding. I did some Internet research and happened upon a recipe that I decided to give it a try.

My littlest helper was happy to smash cookies, mix them with melted butter and spoon it into cups.

I took care of all the hot stuff over the stove, like making the two separate batches of caramel, one to flavor the budino and another to pour over top of the completed product.

It was a bit time consuming. I've never spent so much time making pudding before. I had to separate my eggs, mix milk and cornstarch, temper the yolks with the hot milk, them mix, mix, mix and cook some more. Then it went through a sieve to get the lumps out before going into the cups.

To serve it, I took the cooled budino cups out, drizzled batch #2 of caramel sauce on top, added a little whipped cream from a can (seriously I was tired of mixing at that point), added a raspberry and some more cookie crumbs.

It was good, pretty darn good. I do think that there are better caramel sauce recipes out there, but it was certainly good enough to eat.


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