Mystery Box Steak Tostada with Squash Apple Peach Taquito

Justin gave me a whole bunch of ingredients today for Mystery Box Dinner #3. There is enough leftover from tonight's meal to have a decent dinner tomorrow, too.

Today, I received fresh Brussels sprouts, green beans, beef top round steaks, pork ribs, corn tortillas, dill gherkin pickles, a chunk of banana squash, basmati rice, canned whole mild chiles, canned whole tomatillos, prosciutto, pancetta, fontina cheese, goat's milk cheese, pinto beans, and red kidney beans.

I raided the fridge and pantry for vegetable oil, lemon, white wine vinegar, a habanero chili pepper, mayonnaise, lettuce, sour cream, salsa, chicken bouillon, a green apple, agave nectar, a peach, and herbs and spices.

 I combined the tomatillos, half the can of mild chiles, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, and a tiny bit of the habanero chili to make salsa verde.

The pinto beans got smashed with some diced mild green chili, oil, and spices to become refried beans.

The basmati rice, combined with chicken bouillon, salsa, and water to become Spanish rice.

I smeared the steaks with a spiced mayonnaise, then grilled them quickly. To serve, the steaks were sliced thinly.

I fried some tortillas to crisp them up for the tostada base.

To plate the meal, I started with a bed of Spanish rice. I smeared the refried beans on a tostada, topped it with sliced beef, crumbled goat's cheese, lettuce, sour cream and salsa verde.  I also added salsa verde to the plate surrounding the rice base.

Also, the banana squash went in the oven to roast. Then after peeling and cubing, I combined it with diced apple, diced peach, lemon juice, agave nectar, and cinnamon. This was rolled into a corn tortilla and fried into a dessert taquito. It was topped with cinnamon sugar and whipped cream.


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