Grilled Chilean Sea Bass with Mango Curry

Tonight's dinner was my second mystery box.

Our made-up rules for the mystery box are:
1. I can use anything in the mystery box, all or some.
2. I can use anything in the pantry, fridge, or freezer at home.
3. I have 1 hour to cook and serve.
4. I must prepare a meal that fits the time of day, such as dinner at dinner time.

Here's what I got.

Coconut milk, coconut juice, a whole coconut, Asian eggplant, mango, carrots, figs, and a Chilean sea bass fillet.

I added from the "home stores" olive oil, limes, mint, curry paste, bell pepper, jasmine rice, plus kaffir lime leaves, potatoes and seasonings that aren't shown here.

I made a lime mint vinaigrette to marinate the fish in after removing the scales. I later grilled the fish.

I made curry with the coconut milk, carrots, potatoes, red bell pepper, mango, lime juice, red curry paste, and a splash of fish sauce.

The fish took longer to cook than I wanted it to.  Fish always takes twice as long as it should for me. It was windy and the grill was not staying hot enough the entire time. It did eventually brown and flake nicely.

Then I plated it using a nice, new plain white plate and realize it all looked blah and white together. I guess I need some more brightly colored dishes for contrast. However, pouring the curry over the fish and rice made it look better and it tasted great together.

Just for good measure, I made coconut mojitos to go with our meal. I muddled lime wedges, mint, and sugar, then added a splash of white rum, some coconut juice, Sprite, and ice to make a great drink.

Winner, winner, curry dinner!


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