Sneaky Tip #9 - Adding Flour

High altitude bakers, this is for you!

We all do it. We all have to add extra flour to boxed cake and brownie mixes. Because the box says so and they are right that things don't cook up the same here as low altitude.

The box says use all-purpose flour, good old nutritionally lacking AP flour.

I use unbleached whole wheat flour instead.  I can't tell a difference because it's usually only 1/4 cup of extra flour. Your food will not taste like cardboard because you changed part of your flour.  My Ghiradelli box-mix brownies turn out great with this. Health-wise, I know it's only a teeny tiny microscopic improvement, but it's still a teeny tiny improvement.

I also use some unbleached whole wheat flour in gravy and for dredging pan-fried meats.

If that is too "natural" for you, try making tiny steps toward better nutrition by using unbleached all-purpose flour. I promise it's not a huge difference so I know you won't come back and tell me I'm crazy.


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