Sneaky Tip #8 for Home Chemical Accidents

Well, hello again my dear readers.  Today's message was prompted by my own clumsiness.

See I have furlough today. I have finished up my last-minute Christmas shopping and came back home to wrap and clean. I have laundry running, dishes in the machine, mildew spray-treated the shower, and put toilet cleaner in the toilets.

In the melee, toilet-cleaning gel chemicals got all over my hands.  I got a faulty squirt lid on the toilet cleaner bottle so oops.

Bad, bad, bad thing to have happen, you know?

Rinsing and rinsing under cold water didn't get it all off and I could feel my thumb really starting to burn. Not good.

So I run to the kitchen and grab the box of baking soda and pour it into my hands so I can stop the chemical reaction. I rubbed it in really well. Then I rinsed under freakishly cold tap water until my hands no longer felt slippery.

Chemistry lesson of the day: baking soda also known as sodium bicarbonate + nasty things like toilet cleaner or drain unclogger (which contain sodium hydroxide) or even  bleach  = neutralized chemicals.

One thing to note, if you're trying to rinse off nasty household chemicals, use cool or cold water. Hot water can speed up the reaction and give you a worse chemical burn.  Also, be careful what you're handling because some things should never be mixed together. Use one sort of cleaner at a time so you don't accidentally mix things like ammonia and bleach and then get knocked out by toxic fumes.

So anyhow, Merry Christmas or Happy (insert your applicable celebrated holiday here) and happy cleaning your house before guests arrive!


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