Jenny's Mojito

Let me preface this post by saying we (hubby and I) don't drink much. Actually we hardly drink at all except for holidays or the rare celebration.  So for me to have an actual recipe for an alcoholic drink is pretty exceptional.

It all started many years ago...OK not really. I like the occasional Pina Colada, Margarita, or white wine.  I don't know how I really even started going for Mojitos. Maybe I heard something somewhere from a friend.

I do recall one year for our anniversary, I had an outstanding Mango Mojito. Of course, the idea of making one at home, myself, totally slipped my mind until just now as I type this one up.

Inspiration!  (Hello Kern's Mango Nectar! Meet my good friend Ronrico...)
Ingredients for 1 drink
2 teaspoons granulated white sugar
5-6 mint leaves
2 slices of lime
2 shots light rum
1 Tablespoon spiced rum
Sprite, Sierra Mist,. seltzer, soda, Club soda, 7-Up, or similar
extra mint leaves for garnish

1. Combine sugar and mint in a pint beer glass.  Muddle, or mash up/stir up the two.  Don't tear up the mint leaves. Leave them whole. You want to bruise them into releasing their mintiness. It really sucks to drink these with tiny mint leaf floaters getting stuck in your teeth. (Found that out the hard way with my sister-in-law!)

2. Squeeze 1 slice of the lime into the glass, drop in the lime, and muddle a bit more. Add the rum and mix a little more to make sure the sugar has dissolved.

3.  Fill the glass about 2/3 with ice and then pour in the soda.

4. Give it a little swirl with a spoon. Don't stir too much or you will stir out the carbonation.

5. Garnish with extra mint leaves and second lime slice. I like to squeeze in the extra lime and then enjoy.


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