Birthday Cake Planning

I just realized that I completely forgot to post Eric's birthday cake from last year when he turned 4.  I guess I was less excited to post the cake because I ordered it from Safeway. And it was slightly different from the cake catalog, which is the same as this Transformers Bumblebee and Optimus Party Cake Topper Set. I think it's worthy of appearing on Cake Wrecks. See what we got?

You know, it tasted OK, but the looks just really bothered me. It was kinda like looking at a turd, wondering if it was really a turd, and then eating it, but it tasted like chocolate.

Anyhow. On his actual birthday, we gave him some things, including a big, new, bike.

His party day started out with a few close family members giving him some presents at home.

Then we ventured to the bounce-house bonanza birthday extravaganza. The kids were wild hyenas. By the time we sat down for pizza and cake, all kids were sweaty and tired. The grandparents took it easy on the sidelines.

Inside the party room, the kids devoured pizza and juice. I think they mostly picked at the cake. That's OK.

Now it's already a year later! I have to do this all over again.  I think this time, we might end up at Boomtown or Coconut Bowl. We are still undecided.  But I'm leaning back towards making his cake myself. Because you saw the Safeway cake up above right? You saw how crappy is was.  Honestly, I do can do better piping than that and I'm just a crazy mom who like to cook.

Eric has already told me he wants yellow cake with my strawberry mousse inside. He wants red, blue, yellow and Transformers again. I'm sorting things out. Shaped cake?  Sheet cake?  Some crazy layered cake?  Cupcakes? Cake pops (BTW these will be all from scratch if i go there. I hate canned cream cheese frosting!)

Designs are still computing.  Check back later for the results.


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