Dipped Strawberries

There aren't many things easier than taking fresh fruit and dipping it into something for a quick, cool dessert.

Growing up in the Midwest, it never occurred to me that perhaps this could be weird. We just always ate strawberries this way. Once we moved to Nevada, I figured out that West Coast people were not on board this concept, so to speak.

After I moved out on my own, to be honest, I sort of forgot about eating strawberries this way. It wasn't until I was on a business trip that sent me to Illinois that I was reminded. I was at a nice restaurant and they had it on the dessert menu. My first thought was seeing a simple fruit dessert offered at a restaurant was pretty novel. My second thought was that I really liked this combination as a kid and should remember to eat it at home.

4 Strawberries per person, whole, washed well (make sure to get under the leaves for hiding sand)
2 Tablespoons Sour cream or plain Greek yogurt
2 Tablespoons Brown sugar

1. Serve each ingredient in a separate bowl.

2. Dip a strawberry into the sour cream.

3. Dip the strawberry into the brown sugar so it coats the sour cream.

4. Eat.

P.S. My dad gave me a little update on where this idea came from, in terms of family history. Dad's Aunt Harriet, one of my grandmother Lucille's sisters, started feeding this to the family in about 1969. 41 years later. I'm blogging about it.  Cool.


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