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Your Bijoux Box July 2016

Hello, dear readers! This month's box of jewels contained some really nice pieces. The blue stones are so pretty! Take a peek! Hold on, we can't miss the card with names and descriptions. First, let's check out the Margaux Opal Earrings. My 7-year old daughter immediately snatched up these earrings. I had to do some serious negotiating to get them back so I could just take pictures. You can see why. They are cute! The opal stones are faceted so you get a bit of sparkle. They're not too big and heavy, either.  The second piece is the Giselle Blue Collar Necklace. The blue of the stones is really gorgeous and bright. This happens to look fantastic with the Margaux Earrings.  Third, we have the Lili Starburst Bracelet. At first, I didn't notice the center stone was deep blue. I'm really liking the starburst shape.  Plus, this bracelet is actually big enough for an adult. I don't have to worry about my daughter stealing this one! Final