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Your Bijoux Box May 2016

Hello, Dear Readers! It's time for the Mother's Day edition from Your Bijoux Box! Such a cute combination, don't you agree? First, the Rose Quartz Tassel Necklace, is really pretty. It's long, and would be great for layering. I love how soft the colors are. Second, the Openwork Blossom Collar necklace.  This was revealed on the YBB website.  It's cute, not my usual style, but not bad.  It's very lightweight, which is nice and very wearable. Third, the Chevron Gold Strand necklace is another great long, layerable necklace. The pattern is simple, but provide just enough sparkle. Finally, the Rose Ombre Scarf.  I adore this scarf!  It's huge! Generous scarves can be so much fun, especially when you can switch using it like a vest, or sarong, or twisted up like a huge necklace.  The tassels are lovely, too. I did not get any add-ons this month, so this is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next time! P.S. For