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Kinderbox September 2015

Hello dear readers.  I've been enjoying my jewelry subscription so much that my husband piped up for me to find a box for him. After looking around at various men's boxes, like Cairn and Campbox, we agreed to order Kinderbox .  So I signed up for a three-month subscription to give it a try. The first box arrived last week. Here is what we received.  First, let's look at the Injinji Toe Socks. They sent a size M, which are too small for my husband who wears a men's 11 wide.  However, they fit our son who wears a men's 7.5 shoe.  The socks are solid black and made from a very nice soft fabric. The kiddo loves them! He's tough on socks, so I'm watching to see how they hold up, but we're off to a good start. Second, we got a pouch of Insta-fire survival Fire Starter.  Husband declared that sounded really useful and whisked it off to put in his camp box for the next outing. Third, the Combat Ready Karambit Knife was a hit for both boys. The