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Your Bijoux Box July 2015

Hello, my friends.  I got another box from Your Bijoux Box in the mail yesterday. I swear, these box subscriptions are fun! It's like Christmas when they show up. This month, they revealed the Art Deco Collar necklace in the usual sneak peek post. It's a nice piece and the faceted stones are pretty in shades of clear, sapphire blue, and black. Definitely, this is something I can wear to work on dress up days. Second, the Meridian Silver Bracelet coordinates with the Meridian Silver Pendant from the May box .  I wouldn't say I'm 100% in love with this. It's cute, but all the stones are all the same turquoise blue, unlike the pendant. It's a nice try, but kind of flat color-wise. The variation in the pendant makes it so much more attractive. I know I'll end up wearing it anyway, but that's my opinion. The third item was a pair a golden enameled fish earrings. I'm not into wearing animal or wildlife earrings at this point, so I'll