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Influenster Rose Vox Box

A while back I joined Influenster, a site that sends out products to sample and review.  In early November I received the Rose Vox Box. They sent some nice stuff! First, I devoured the chocolate, because I could. I'm familiar with Lindt Lindor truffles.  My favorite is milk chocolate, and that's what I was sent.  The outer layer is crisp milk chocolate, and the truffle filling is smooth milk chocolate that is really creamy.  There was also a pack of BelVita breakfast biscuits. They were crisp and tasty, a lot like graham crackers with more texture.  I will definitely get these again.  I shared them with my daughter and she didn't give them back. I was really interested in the nail polish set, Kiss Gradation Polishes.  There were three bottles of polish that complimented each other.  It was easy to apply the various layers and they turned out looking really good, even for someone like me that doesn't do nail polish often. See? I think I will