Sneaky Tips Index

Sneaky Tip #1 - Cheaters Shoe Polish

Sneaky Tip #2 - Baby Wipes Clean Anything

Sneaky Tip #3 - Peeling Citrus Fruit with a staple remover

Sneaky Tip #4 -Baking Soda for the kitchen and laundry

Sneaky Tip #5 - Huge Lids Make Kid Plates 

Sneaky Tip #6 - Cracking Nuts with a staple remover

Sneaky Tip #7 - Piping Help:Zip-top baggies for piping icing

Sneaky Tip #8 - Baking Soda for Home Chemical Accidents

Sneaky Tip #9 - Adding Flour a.k.a Adjusting boxed cake mixes for high altitude

Sneaky Tip #10 - Removing Gum or Sticker Residue from Clothes

Sneaky Tip #11 - Reduced Fat Ground Beef

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