Who is Jenny? I'm a big goof, a working mom, a library tech, a blogger, a Jenny of many trades. I'm definitely more than just a warm body that sits at a computer.

I have many interests, with little free time, but I can still whip up a fantastic meal in no time. When I'm not parenting, gardening, or toting kids to sporting events,  I do crafty things, too. Check out my other blog for dollhouse miniatures projects.

Who makes up my family? Dear Hubby and I have been together 16 years. We have three kiddos, one son and two daughters, the youngest baby girl just arrived in August. We have one dog (for now), Topaz, a 5 year old Australian Shepherd -Border Collie.

Why the "Tormented Kitchen"? Because sometimes everything goes wrong! Seriously, we have to take our challenges in stride and keep moving forward. If you are not a talented chef and reading a recipe sends you into fits of doubt and confusion, then this is the place for you. I cook it, and explain it thoroughly to take the guesswork out of being in the kitchen. I have not always been a good cook, and sometimes I still have mishaps! There was the time I burned the meatballs to the pan, and the time I made steamed British gingerbread puddings, well I just won't explain how bad they were. Let's not even discuss how I ruined the birthday cake last year! Sometimes even now, trying to get things to work out living at 4500 feet elevation takes a bit of guesswork and luck.

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