Your Bijoux Box Freebie Bonus

Hello dear readers!

By now, you might have realized that I love the goodie boxes from Your Bijoux Box.  And I have one more reason to love them.

Every month they choose one lucky person to win a box of unique jewels! All you have to do it follow Your Bijoux Box on Instagram and post a selfie with their jewels tagged #YourBijouxBoxStyle.

No kidding! I was chosen and got a box of jewels!!! Yes, a whole free box from Your Bijoux Box!

Check out what I got!

P.S. For the sake of transparency, I paid for this subscription myself. It was in no way "free" or provided to me for some exchange of services. I just really liked the products and wanted to share my opinion. This box was a prize-winner because I followed the monthly contest rules and posted a photo on Instagram of myself wearing their product.


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