Your Bijoux Box May 2015

Hi dear readers! I received another box of goodies yesterday from Your Bijoux Box. I had cancelled my subscription for April, but renewed for May when they revealed the sneak peek pieces. Their Mother's Day Edition was a real treat!

So here's what came this month.

They actually revealed two of the products in the sneak peak. The Meridian Silver Pendant was first. It's a great combination of light blue, crystal, opal and white stone. It's very long and looks especially cute with my white peasant blouse.


Second, they revealed the Watercolor Scarf. It's a fantastic scarf, huge and lightweight with the softest fringe at the ends. I really love the ombre blue.

ombre scarf

Third and fourth are golden pave pieces. They sent the Pave Pyramid Studs and coordinating Pave Convertible Necklace. The necklace has three strands that can disconnect and be worn in different combinations. Versatility is great!  I was honestly happily surprised to see these in the box. I was just looking at similar pieces online that cost way more than the monthly subscription fee for each!

chevron pave necklace

I was pleased once again with the products and I'm looking forward to the next box.

See you again very soon!

 P.S. For the sake of transparency, I paid for this subscription myself. It was in no way "free" or provided to me for some exchange of services. I just really liked the products and wanted to share my opinion.


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