Trying new things

I know it has been a few weeks since I have posted any recipes.  I've been working on some new things.  I'm not completely sold on them yet so no sharing until they are perfect.

I have been messing with oven roast veggies. Potatoes, parsnips, onions.  I think I'm getting close to something. And carrots with honey or maple sauce. I wolfed down the leftovers of those a few nights ago.

Another other tasty thing in the works has been a pan seared filet mignon with a cabernet reduction.  I'm not completely in love with the wine reduction, so I have to tweak the herbage.  Also, I think next time I will fry the shallots to make them crispy and not include them in the wine sauce.  I think they would be better as a garnish.

I have also been on a cupcake mission. I made yet another batch of cupcakes yesterday containing yummy Negra Modelo beer and chocolate.  I almost have them rising well (you know high altidue makes things rise funny so it take a bit of work to get pretty cakes here) and in a moment of inspiration, discovered that clementines really compliment the cake.

One more idea in cupcake-land I have involves Meyer lemons.  I found some at Scolari's this weekend. I have been searching everywhere for a month for those little buggers.  My next batch of cupcakes will be something lemony, still contemplating what I can do to make them unique and incredible.

Stay tuned!


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