Accepting Requests

My husband had an idea. We were talking over lunch about this here little blog and the fun I have cooking and being creative with food. He said that I should take requests.

If any of you lovely, loyal readers of this blog have a suggestion for a recipe you would like me to make or a request for something you have been hunting for, you should ask me.

So go ahead.  Leave me a comment and I will cook it up, complete with detailed instructions and photos.

Let me throw out one rule though. No mushrooms allowed. I do not touch mushrooms. I'm allergic to them, so that is a household rule set in stone. And I have been asked many, many times if I miss them. Nope. Not at all. I think they taste like dirt or garbage.

Don't be shy now! I already have plans to make apple crisp next week after my daughter's birthday party.  I will be posting the recipe and instructions for the devil's food cake and honey buttercream frosting that I'm going to use for her cake.


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