Not everything ends up here

This is going to be short and brutally honest.

Not everything I make turns out well. Sometimes it takes me many, many, attempts to get it just right.

Last night I tried to make lumpia.  These are Filipino spring rolls filled with mostly pork and few vegetables.  I used a recipe I got from a graduate student who makes them all the time for pot-lucks.

They were not the same.  I don't know what was wrong. Seriously, I even bought everything from the special market on Oddie to make sure I got authentic ingredients.

No, I didn't even bother to take pictures, so there won't even be pictures of how they looked.  (They looked normal but didn't taste right.)

Brady said apparently I didn't have my Filipino mojo going on.

OK, maybe sort of.  But I did take a few extra lumpia wrappers and made some awesome banana rolls.  I have made these before and maybe eventually will post how to make them.  Turns out, I have intuitively made something like a Turon, simply because I like my bananas wrapped up and fried.

Dinner wasn't a complete loss, but I will be going back to making average Chinese-like egg rolls for now. I think I can handle my Chinese seasoning better.

The other night I made Pad Thai.  Tasty, but too many noodles and not enough sauce.  Every time I make it, it turns out different so no recipe coming until I get that straightened out.

Another fine example of something not ending up here, I tried to make some "easy" Tiramisu.  It was not right either.  Too runny, too bitter, not very appetizing.  I have an idea to recreate it using no coffee at all.  The mascarpone cheese in the fridge has been calling to me. 

But, as a teaser, I will be posting my recipe for Thai-style coconut sticky rice very soon.


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